Monday, 16 January 2017


DAVELLA is here with another new year single for his fans, today he releases another track titled PAREKE which happens to be his first track for the year 2017 and also a dance-hall track produced by one and only OGA JOJO.

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

New MTN 2GB For N500, 4GB For N1000 And 8GB For N2000

Amazing data plans right? You might not have heard them but they are working perfectly and it can be used on PC/desktop/computer, iPhone, Android and blackberry device when activated successfully and doesn't need any VPN to use the data and doesn't zap as well.
These data plan will be the way the 100% data bonus is being doubled and not just that, the normal MTN 500naira for 1GB which ipulse users enjoyed as well as the MTN night plans trick will also be used here to double this data plans.

How To Activate The 500naira For 2GB

    Firstly, migrate to MTN ipulse by dialing *406*1# and you will be welcomed to ipulse.
    Then you need to activate 100% data bonus with a trick by changing your phone IMEI to get Device Bonus - See how to do it by clicking here.
    After successful tweaking, you can then load your 500naira and dial *406*2# or *131*1*2# and subscribe to the plan and check your data by dialling *131*4#.

NOTE: It lasts for a week.

How To Activate 8GB For N2000

It is very simple and easy. You just only have to be subscribing for 500naira for 2GB in every week and we all know that four weeks make one month. So when you subscribe 500naira for every week in a month, it will be only 2,000naira only and that will give you 8GB total. Is the trick not superior?

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

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Friday, 6 January 2017


Asus has unveiled the second Google Tango-enabled phone at the CES 2017 event, and it’s the first phone that has as much RAM as our computers.

The ZenFone AR packs a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display (2,560 x 1,440 resolution), Gorilla Glass 4, Snapdragon 821, (I wonder why they didn’t go with Snapdragon 835),  6GB or 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 32/64/128/256 GB of UFS 2.0 storage, microSD support, dual-SIM support, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C support, 3,300 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support, and Android 7.0 Nougat. You will also get four cameras on board, three on the back, part of the TriCam system required to enable Project Tango features — a 23-megapixel main rear camera with dual-tone LED flash, f/2.0 4-axis optical image stabilization, a motion-tracking camera, and depth-sensing sensor. Meanwhile, on the front, there’s an 8-megapixel front-facing wide-angle selfie camera.

Asus has not revealed the price, yet, but you don’t need to be told that this will come with a high price tag, do you?
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Despite the challenges facing the country, a total of N651.37 billion POS transactions took place from January to November 2016.

According to the data gathered from NIBSS (Nigeria Interbank Settlement System), the value of POS transactions increased significantly by 65% to N651.37 billion between January and November 2016, compared to the N395.05 billion recorded in 2015.

As a matter of fact, in November 2016 alone, Nigerians made about N81.15 billion transactions via POS as opposed to N40.25 billion in November 2015.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Despite these impressive results, the statistics also showed an increase in cheque transactions — the banks processed 8.74 million cheques worth N4.31 trillion — which has been attributed to the challenges associated with the ATMs and PoS.
In terms of web payments, there were 8.91 million transactions with a total worth of N88.73 billion.
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According to the latest data from NCC, the number of Internet subscribers in Nigeria has reduced to 92,416,378 in November (This is contrary to the 94.4m reported on several news platforms).

The data also showed that GSM service providers lost 759,683 internet users in November.


As for the operators, MTN still leads with 32,017,779 subscribers, they lost 447,000 subscribers.
Globacom lost 62,600 subscribers, while Etisalat had the highest number of losses recorded, about 561,485 subscribers.

Airtel was the only operator that recorded an increase in its subscriber base in November (Added 311,463 users).

Meanwhile, CDMA operators — Multi-Links and Visafone had a joint total of 30,309 Internet users in November.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  NOTE. Multi-Links only had 4 Internet subscribers in November.
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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

MTN Is Giving Out Free 4GB Data - Check Yours Now

Something really surprising seems to be happening this year 2017, among all telecommunication company, MTN is the first to be dishing out whooping 4GB of data to their loyal subscribers for free.
I don’t know  if this is for everybody but definitely it is new year gift.

According to the message  they sent, “to celebrate the new year, you have been credited with 4GB Free Data Valid for 7 days to be enjoyed only on 4G enabled devices”
Dial *559*444# to check your free 4GB data.
Did You Receive Yours?
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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

The frenzied 2016 election cycle mercifully is over, but Facebook's fake news problem isn't going away.

The company may face steep fines in Germany if it fails to address it satisfactorily.
A bill slated for consideration next year would establish fines of up to $500,000 euros per day for each day that a fake news story persisted after notification of its falsehood was provided. The legislation, which has bipartisan support, would apply to other sites as well, but Facebook clearly is its main target.

Treading Lightly

Facebook recently began testing and rolling out updates to help it fight fake news.
The company "cannot become arbiters of truth ourselves, so we're approaching this problem carefully," noted VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri.
Facebook is focusing its efforts on "the worst of the worst, on the clear hoaxes spread by spammers for their own gain, and on engaging both our community and third party organizations," he said.
It is taking a four-pronged approach:
  • Letting users report a hoax on Facebook by clicking the upper right-hand corner of a post;
  • Flagging stories as disputed. Facebook is relying on third-party fact checking organizations that are signatories of Poynter's International Fact Checking Code of Principles to make those determinations;
  • Informed sharing -- that is, giving articles that are shared less a lower ranking because that may indicate they are misleading; and
  • Disrupting financial incentives for spammers. Facebook is eliminating the ability to spoof domains, as well as analyzing publisher sites to see where it might need to enforce its policies.
The company initially is working with five fact-checking organizations: ABC News, the Associated Press,, PolitiFact and Snopes. It might add to the pool in the future.
It is very important to solve the fake news problem, said Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords, because "it's critical to the future of our democracy."
If our society continues to make decisions big and small based upon, or influenced by, faulty information, that will take it to a bad place, he told TechNewsWorld.
The issue is "probably best viewed on a spectrum," Coker suggested. On one end, there are the 100 percent blatantly false stories, and on the other there are true stories mixed with fake news, making it more difficult to recognize.

The Depth of the Problem

Fake news "manipulates emotions and positions which then convert into decisions [people] make in their lives that aren't in their own best interest," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.
This "really should be considered a crime for the damage it can do," he told TechNewsWorld.
Facebook's concern is driven by self-interest, suggested Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT. Fake news shows how the company is being actively gamed, which damages its brand.
By serving as a repository for news stories, Facebook has "become a de facto media company" despite its insistence to the contrary, King told TechNewsWorld.
Fake news has been blamed for affecting the results of the recent presidential election, but "the mainstream media's willingness to continually chase Trump's tweets and what turned out to be bogus or frivolous stories, like the Clinton email investigation, probably had a larger impact," he added.

Will Facebook's Efforts Succeed?

Facebook's program is unlikely to succeed on its own, because "at the heart of the problem is that you can make a lot of money from Google with fake news," Enderle suggested.
"The fix really needs to start with Google's ad funding model, as they're the cause of much of the problem even though they aren't the source of the fake news," he explained.
"Macedonia, where there's massive unemployment, is making huge amounts of money just producing fake news," Enderle pointed out.
Then there's the question of how close Facebook's program might come to censorship.
"It will be very hard to differentiate between fake news and something someone just doesn't agree with," Enderle cautioned.

Where Does the Buck Stop?

Opinion among members of the public is divided, based on an online survey of 1,600 adults conducted earlier this month by Morning Consult.
Among its findings:
  • 67 percent of respondents thought search engines were responsible for preventing exposure to fake news;
  • 66 percent thought the reader was responsible;
  • 63 percent say social media sites should bear the responsibility; and
  • 56 percent thought the government should be responsible.
About one-fourth of respondents said the reader should bear the most responsibility for discriminating between real and fake stories.
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2017: More Apple Security Flaws, Cyberattacks, Hacktivisim

More security vulnerabilities will appear in the software of Adobe and Apple than in Microsoft's, more attacks on the Internet's infrastructure will occur, and cybersecurity events will stoke international tensions. Those are a few of the predictions for 2017 that security experts shared with TechNewsWorld.
Users of Apple desktops and laptops for years have been relatively insulated from the kinds of malicious activity that has besieged those in the Windows world, but that's going to change next year, warned Trend Micro.
More software flaws will affect Adobe and Apple in 2017, compared to Microsoft, the company noted in a security predictions report.
Declining PC sales and an exodus to mobile platforms have dampened interest in targeting devices running Windows, Trend Micro explained. Microsoft also has upped its security game in recent times, which has made it more difficult for attackers to find vulnerabilities in Windows.

Follow the Money

Signs of hackers' increased interest in Adobe and Apple started appearing in 2016, Trend Micro noted. Zero day vulnerabilities -- flaws unknown to researchers until malicious actors exploit them -- numbered 135 for Adobe compared to 76 for Microsoft.
Meanwhile, Apple's vulnerability count during the same period increased to 50, shooting up from 25 in 2015.
The increased attention Apple has drawn from criminals can be associated with its growing success in the desktop and laptop market.
"There's a much broader use of Apple products now," said Ed Cabrera, vice president of cybersecurity strategy at Trend Micro.
"The criminals go where consumers and enterprises are," he told TechNewsWorld. "If consumers and enterprises are utilizing more Apple products, then that's where they're going to focus their activity, because that's where the money is going to be."

Upstream Attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks long have functioned as a cyberweapon against websites, but their use reached a new level in 2016, when they disrupted Internet service in parts of North America and Europe by choking an important piece of Net infrastructure: the domain name system.
The DNS converts domain names into corresponding IP addresses. If a domain name can't be paired with its IP address, then a browser becomes lost on the Net.
More "upstream" attacks on the Internet will take place in 2017, said Chase Cunningham, director of cyberoperations at A10 Networks.
"If you're an enemy of someone who depends on the Internet for business or commerce, last year it was shown that if you upstream a little bit and launch a crafted Denial of Service attack, you can bring down large provider websites and infrastructure," he told TechNewsWorld.
"In 2017, we're going to see more upstream attacks, and DDoS is going to make a comeback as a cyberweapon," Cunningham said. "We're going to see a powerful denial of service attack on something that will cause problems for a national infrastructure."

Geopolitics Feeding Cyberattacks

Simmering tensions over nations hacking nations will come to a boil in 2017, predicted Tom Kellermann, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures.
"Geopolitics will be the harbinger for cyberattacks in 2017," he told TechNewsWorld.
Those cyberattacks will be fostered by both old and new presidents of the United States.
"Due to the president elect's rhetoric against China, Chinese hacking will begin again with increased vigor," Kellermann said. "North Korea will leverage IoT for more denial of service attacks against the West."
In addition, he continued, Trump's anti-Muslim statements during the presidential campaign have increased the membership of cyberterrorist organizations -- like al-Qaida and the Cyber Caliphate -- that will use their new resources to dismantle and destroy U.S. infrastructure in the coming year.
Russian cyberattacks also will increase.
"Once President Obama takes revenge upon Putin for the hacking of the election and other things, you will see increased cybermilitia activity via Russian proxies in Eastern Europe against the U.S.," Kellermann said.

Election Hangover

A cyberhangover from a divisive and inconclusive presidential election also can be expected in 2017.
"Disillusioned American voters will become more inclined toward hacktivism," Kellermann predicted.
That hacktivism will be more destructive than it has been in the past, he said. For example, ransomware will be used to encrypt data solely for denying access to that data and not for ransom. Malicious software delivering "wiper" payloads, which destroy data, also will increase.
Voter disillusionment could give old line hactivist groups, like Anonymous, a new reason for being.
"Anonymous has been fractured for some time," Kellermann noted. "On Jan. 20, you could see a consolidation of Anonymous once again, for the cause of acting out against the incoming administration."

Breach Diary

  • Dec. 12. Quest Diagnoistics, a medical lab operator based in New Jersey, says it's investigating data breach in November that placed at risk the personal health information of some 34,000 people.
  • Dec. 13. KFC in the UK advises some 1.2 million members of its Colonel's Club loyalty program to reset their passwords because of an intrusion at program's website.
  • Dec. 13. Data for more than 200 million people allegedly from credit agency Experian is being offered on sale on the Dark Web for US$600, CSO Online reports.
  • Dec. 13. A 17-year-old youth who previously admitted to cyberattack costing UK telecom company TalkTalk $75 million is sentenced to 12-month rehabilitation order in British court.
  • Dec. 13. October data breach at Peachtree Orthopedics in Atlanta put 531,000 people at risk of identity theft, WSB-TV reports.
  • Dec. 13. Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland says some 1,000 students who attended public schools between November 2005 and November 2006 are affected by data breach discovered in September.
  • Dec. 14. Owner of adultery website Ashley Madison agrees to pay $1.65 million to settle state and federal cases stemming from 2015 data theft of personal information of 37 million users.
  • Dec. 14. Yahoo says it's discovered data breach from August 2013 exposing accounts of more than 1 billion users.
  • Dec. 14. Joshua Samuel Aaron, 32, arrested in New York City by federal authorities and charged with stealing contact information for more than 100 million customers of American financial institutions, brokerage firms and financial news publishers.
  • Dec. 15. Threat intelligence firm Recordfed Future says it's discovered evidence that Russian-speaking hacker may have compromised more than 100 access credentials at U.S. Election Assistance Commission.
  • Dec. 15. Protenus reports that the number of healthcare data breaches in November reached an annual high of 57 but records exposed during the month declined from October to 458,639 from 776,533.
  • Dec. 15. Prosecutors in Los Angeles issue arrest warrant for Austin Kelvin Onaghinor, 37, for launching cyberattack on county that placed at risk confidential information of 750,000 people.
  • Dec. 16. President Barack Obama vows to retaliate against Russia for interfering with U.S. elections by stealing information from computer systems of the Democratic Party.
  • Dec. 16. Bleacher Report alerts its online and mobile users it is resetting their passwords in 72 hours due to a data breach of its systems.

Upcoming Security Events

  • Dec. 20. Insiders Are the New Malware. 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by Presidio. Free with registration.
  • Dec. 22. Part 2: How Is This Yahoo! Breach Different from Their Other Breach? 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by Fidelis Cybersecurity. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 6. The 2017 Threatscape. 10 a.m. Webinar by Cyber Management Alliance. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 9. 2017 Predictions: Authentication, Identity & Biometrics in a Connected World. 11 a.m. ET. Webinar by BioConnect.
  • Jan. 12. 2017 Trends in Information Security. 11 a.m. ET. Webinar by 451 Research. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 12. The Rise of Malware-Less Attacks: How Can Endpoint Security Keep Up? 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by Carbon Black. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 12. FTC PrivacyCon. Constitution Center, 400 7th St. SW, Washington, D.C. Free.
  • Jan. 13. I Heart Security: Developing Enterprise Security Programs for Millennials. 5 p.m. ET. Webinar by NCC Group. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 13-14. BSides San Diego. National University, Spectrum Business Park Campus, 9388 Lightwave Ave., San Diego. Tickets: $30 (includes T-shirt).
  • Jan. 16. You CAN Measure Your Cyber Security After All. 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by Allure Security Technology. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 26. The True State of Security in DevOps and Expert Advice On How to Bridge the Gap. 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by HPE and Coveros. Free with registration.
  • Jan. 31. Using GDPR To Your Advantage To Drive Customer Centricity and Trust. 5 a.m. ET. Webinar by Cognizant. Free with registration.
  • Feb. 4. BSides Huntsville. Solutions Complex building, Dynetics, 1004 Explorer Blvd.,Huntsville, Alabama. Tickets: $10.
  • Feb. 13-17. RSA USA Conference. Moscone Center, San Francisco. Full Conference Pass: before Nov. 11, $1,695; before Jan. 14, $1,995; before Feb. 11, $2,395; after Feb. 10, $2,695.
  • Feb. 21. Top Trends That Will Shape Your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2017. 11 a.m. ET. Webinar by vArmour, American University, TruSTAR and Cryptzone.
  • Feb. 25. BSides NoVa. CIT Building, 2214 Rock Hill Rd.#600, Herndon, Virginia. Tickets: conference, $25; workshops, $10.
  • Feb. 28. Key Steps to Implement & Maintain PCI DSS Compliance in 2017. 1 p.m. ET. Webinar by HPE Security.
  • March 28-31. Black Hat Asia. Marinia Bay Sands, Singapore. Registration: before Jan. 28, S$1,375; before March 25, S$1,850; after March 24, S$2,050.
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Google usually  releases  the latest distribution numbers for its different Android builds. Same applies for the month of December, Nothing has really changed, Android Nougat (7.0) was found on just .4% of devices powered by Google's open source OS.

A lot of peoplesafe still using Android 4 Kitkat and many others are already using Marshallow why few people are found using Nougat.

The new numbers for December show a very small 1% decline to 34% for Lollipop. That breaks down to 10.8% for Android 5.0 and 23.2% forAndroid 5.1%. Combined, the Lollipop build remains the most widely used on Android devices.


Second place goes to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, currently installed in 26.3% of Android devices. Phones and tablets powered by Android 4.4 KitKat (24%), Android 4.1.x, 4.2.x and 4.3 Jelly Bean (12.8%), Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (1.2%) and Android 2.3.3-2.3.7 Gingerbread (1.2%) are next.

The reason kitkat was so long dominant is that Android 5.0 and 5.1 were split into two platform versions because of their differing API levels. So, really, Lollipop remains the "dominant" Android version if we combine the two versions, but Marshmallow is now the single most prevalent version of the platform by individual API level.

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Monday, 28 November 2016


Here's another hot jam from Davella titled OriRe

After lots of anticipation from fans Nigerian Fastest Rising Act drops another hit single to thrill fans before the year ends, Here's another song with nice and understandable lyrics.

This songs describes the artiste love for his parent and how much he wants them to reap from him, OriRe simply means Success.

This Song Was First Uploaded On SG LEET forum 

                                                     DOWNLOAD DAVELLA ORIRE
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This is sad, NCC believes that this is one of the ways they can generate revenues for the Government.  They know that we can’t do without buying data… so they decided to mandate all Telcos to increase their data price… hmm! 
Nigerian Government through its agencies should not make life harder for Nigerians! Don’t be surprise that beginning from December 1st 2016, N1000 will only get you 500MB of data. The data you normally get 3GB for N1000 before will be history.
Inshort, all MtN users should call 181 self-help service number to listen to this announcement which will take effect from 1st of December.
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Friday, 18 November 2016


This generation almost every one of us now owns a computer but yeah most people purchase it for school,some for office works others for private use....As far as you're using a computer one way or the other you'll need shortcuts to make your work faster.

Below Are The List Of Useful Shortcut Key Commands.

Alt + F                                      = To Open File

Ctrl + Q.                                   =To Close File

Ctrl + L.                                    = Spelling Checking 

Ctrl + Shift + Enter.            = Break Column

Shift + F7                                 = Knowing The Meaning Of A Word 

Alt + L                                          = Layout

Ctrl + P                                       = Print 

Alt + E                                         = Edit 

Alt + W                                         = Window 

Ctrl + V                                         = Paste 

Ctrl + <                                          = To Decrease The Font Size 

Ctrl + >                                            = To Increase The Font Size 

Ctrl + Equal Sign ( = )                 = Subscript 

Shift + Key + Ctrl + D              = Double Underline Word 

Ctrl + Right Arrow                      = Word Right + Left 

Page Up Key                                   = Scroll Up 

Ctrl + Alt + Page Up                  = Next Page 

Ctrl + Shift + K                            = Change Texts Case 

Shift + Ctrl                                      = To Bold Selected Text 

Shift + Ctrl + F7                         = Italise The Selected 

Shift + Ctrl + W                            = Words On Underline 

Shift + Up Arrow                            = To Select One Line Up

Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow         = To Move To The End Of Paragraph 

Shift + Ctrl                                         = Reselect All

Ctrl  + C                                             = Copy 

Alt + V                                                 = View 

Ctrl + O                                                = Open An Existing File/Document 

Ctrl + Shift + ( + Sign)  M             = Appear Superscript 

Shift + Left Arrow                            = To Highlight Left 

Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow              = To Move To The Beginning Of Word  
Ctrl + G                                      = Find And Replace 

Ctrl + Y                                      = Re _Undo 

Ctrl + X                                      = To Cut Either Object To Text 

Ctrl + J                                      = To Justify Text 

Ctrl + M                                     = Indent Increase 

Ctrl + IA                                     = Abbreviation 

Ctrl + I                                          = Italic 

Ctrl + D                                        = To Display Font Dialog Box 

F7                                                   = Spelling And Grammar Checking 

Ctrl + Home                                = Go To Top Of The Page 

End                                                 = Go To The Beginning Of The Current Line 

Ctrl + L                                         = Left Alignment

Ctrl + Z                                         = Undo The Last Action 

Ctrl + C                                         = To Copy The Text Or Object 

Ctrl + A                                         = Highlight All Or Select All

Ctrl + N                                          = New Document 

Ctrl + S                                          = Save Text 

Ctrl + F                                           = Find 

Ctrl + B                                           = Bold Text         

Ctrl + R                                          = Right Alignment 

 Ctrl + 1                                           = Single Line Spacing 

Ctrl + 2                                           = Double Line Spacing 

Ctrl + 5                                           = 1/2 Line Spacing 

DEL                                                   = Delete 

Shift + Ctrl + B                           = Show Master Page

Enter                                                = Ok

Alt + F4                                         = Close 

Ctrl + U                                            = Underline

Note - Above post was inspired by KARABO KAYBEE MOLOI.

In case you find and useful shortcut here don't forget to drop your comment and share! 

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